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Oculus Rift Ad [Unofficial]

Made in 2015
-personal project-

This is a fan made and unofficial “Oculus Rift” Ad, you should take with a wink.

Originally we made a short film within a competition for students about how exciting technology is. This was without the Oculus Animation and text. Well we didn't win, so we decided to bring our short film to its real destination: a Virtual Reality Spot.

The Video is just for fun and a non-commerical student project!

Actor: Marcel Geiger
Catering and Support: Sarah Weiß
Idea, Coordination, Organization and Camera: David Borymski
Idea, Shootingboard, Camera, Cut, Post-Production and 3D Animation: Tobias Eckerlin

Special thanks to our actor Marcel Geiger, Sina Knödler for the impulse, and the nice guy from the baroque theatre Mr. Philip!

Shot with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera
Edit with Davinci Resolve, After Effects and Cinema 4D for the Animation.

Enjoy it!

Below some making of shots!